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A six-session class, beginning Sunday, October 16th, 2016 

Meeting 1st and 3rd Sundays each month  *  from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Sponsored by The Eno River Buddhist Community * Led by Callie Justice

Sessions will begin with a period of guided meditation practice and time for questions from participants concerning current challenges “on the cushion.”  Each session will also include presentations and discussion centering on specific themes such as:

  • Finding a structure to support meditation practice in your life as it is now
  • Bringing more mindfulness to your moments whatever you are doing
  • Cultivating loving-kindness and compassion while grocery shopping
  • Considering letting go of some things
  • Exploring how work with all elements of the Noble Eight-Fold Path supports the development of meditation practice

It is expected that each participant will be working with these common themes in different ways.  The focus will be on helping each individual find her or his way drawing upon the framework taught by the Buddha – not on finding one, “right way” for all.

Callie Justice is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist.  She began to seriously explore the Buddha’s path in the mid-1990s, and has been a Practice Leader with the Eno River Buddhist Community for over 17 years.  The teachings of the Buddha as presented in the early discourses are her primary source for developing understanding and practice. She especially appreciates the teachings of scholar-monastics such as Bhikkhus Sujato, Brahmali, Bodhi, and Anālayo and benefits deeply from ongoing sharing with good friends on the path.

Callie offers leadership for this class as a practice of dānaDāna, or “giving,” is a central practice taught by the Buddha.  In relating to others from a sense of open-handedness, freely giving (particularly in support of the growth of the Dhamma), we create rich conditions of mind and heart for the development of the Buddha’s path.  Participants will likewise have the opportunity to offer donations in support of Callie.

For more information, please contact Callie at justice.callie@yahoo.com or (919) 286-5041.

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The ERBC Sutta Study Group will start up again this September. The group focuses on investigating early Buddhist teachings in depth using material from the Sutta Piṭaka (The Collection of Discourses). This year we will also be drawing some from supplemental materials from teachers such as Thanissaro Bhikkhu and Bhikkhu Bodhi.

Studying the suttas adds depth to our understanding of what the Buddha taught and to our practice of the Dhamma. It can also clarify how contemporary Buddhist interpretations sometimes misconstrue aspects of early Buddhist teachings, and challenge us to reflect on the views we may have about the teachings.

The study group is oriented to those with prior experience studying the suttas, and is limited in size to support full participation.

For more information about the group and to see a list of topics that we’ll investigate this year, please see our Sutta Study Group page, or contact Steve Seiberling at smseiberling@gmail.com.

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