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The Eno River Buddhist Community’s Guiding Committee would like to make available the several documents defining the structures and processes which support the life of our community. The documents listed below were developed over the past several years through the work of many people. Deepest thanks to each of them.

In order to make this information accessible, it will be available both on the Leadership Information page on this website and in ‘hard copy’ format for viewing at ERBC gatherings.

We hope that knowing more of the particulars about how ERBC works will encourage those who are interested in considering serving in a leadership role to investigate that possibility, and that it will give all who participate in ERBC a fuller, deeper sense of our community.

Please feel free to contact members of the Guiding Committee with any questions or comments on this information.

The Eno River Buddhist Community’s framework defining documents are:

Becoming More Involved in the Eno River Buddhist Community

Guidelines for Serving as a Leader in the Eno River Buddhist Community

Leadership Groups in the Eno River Buddhist Community

ERBC Mission Statement, ERUUF Mission Statement, & UUA Principles

Thank you for your interest.

With warm good wishes –

The Eno River Buddhist Guiding Committee

Regina Bartolone


Betsy Crites


Callie Justice


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The first and second Monday program focus for December will be on ‘Moving into Stillness and Peace.’ With the darkening of the year, shorter days and longer nights encourage us to quiet and to settle. At the same time, the pressures of the holiday season can make it challenging to maintain inner calm. Together we will investigate and reflect upon teachings and practices which support qualities of inner stillness and equanimity.

The third Monday will bring our usual program/practice opportunity to work with the Buddha’s ethical trainings with particular attention to how precepts practice helps the inner world grow more peaceful.

ERBC’s fourth Monday falls on Christmas Eve this year, and we will have a special Monday evening gathering that evening. (Please note location change!)

Monday, December 24, 2012

7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

We will practice (sitting, walking and loving-kindness meditation) from 7:30 to 8:30, and then have an opportunity to share tea, snacks, and conversation.


Chicken Coop Hall, Pershing Street House, in Durham, N.C. near the NC School of Science and Math.

Contact Callie at justice.callie@yahoo.com or at (919) 286-5041 for directions.

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