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Two new small groups designed to support participants’ study and practice of the Buddha’s path are being offered beginning in February.  The groups will be led by Callie Justice and sponsored by the Eno River Buddhist Community. They will meet in Durham’s Watts-Hillandale neighborhood.

Dharma Friends: on the Buddha’s Path

‘The path taught by the Buddha provides us with a rich body of practices. These practices offer concrete things to do in order to develop the Buddha’s path in our lives day by day.

In Dharma Friends we will work with core practices taught in the early discourses of the Buddha. Some of these core practices include: mindfulness of breath meditation, developing ethical trainings, cultivating good will, daily life mindfulness, and contemplations for deepening understanding of the causes of suffering and of freedom from suffering.

Dharma Friends is intended for people who have already been introduced to fundamental teachings of the Buddha and who have some experience with meditation practice.

Dharma Friends: on the Buddha’s Path’ will meet weekly for 5 months on Sundays from 5 to 6:30 p.m. beginning February 11th.

Beginning the Buddha’s Path 

‘Beginning the Buddha’s Path’ meets weekly for 6 weeks on Tuesdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. beginning on February 27th. This class is intended for newcomers to the teachings of the Buddha or for those who would like to revisit introductory teachings.

Each class session will begin with a period of guided meditation practice and time for questions from participants concerning current challenges “on the cushion.” The class will emphasize three key aspects of the Buddha’s path.

  • Developing a regular practice of breath meditation
  • Understanding the Buddha’s perspective on how to live a happier life
  • Bringing mindful awareness to daily life activities

Information Pertaining to Both Groups

Participants in both groups are expected to commit to at least 30 minutes each day for practicing meditation and other class related activities.

Participants in both groups are also asked to commit to being present for all group sessions unless there is a major conflict such as illness or previously scheduled travel plans.

Callie Justice is a long-time leader with the Eno River Buddhist Community. In teaching, Callie looks to bring the practices and teachings of the early Buddhist texts to contemporary applications. She especially enjoys teaching in small ongoing groups because their structure allows group members to develop relationships with one another and to use the group for exploring the personal relevance of the Buddha’s teachings for each individual.

Callie teaches as a practice of dāna. Dāna, or “giving,” is a central practice taught by the Buddha. In relating to others from a sense of open-handedness, freely giving (particularly in support of the growth of the Dhamma), we create rich conditions of mind and heart for the development of the Buddha’s path. Participants will likewise have the opportunity to offer donations in support of Callie.

To register for either group or for more information, please contact Callie at justice.callie@yahoo.com or (919) 286-5041. Please note: preregistration is required for participation in these groups.


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